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My migraines are gone…

Shiloah is beyond words, she is such a phenomenal woman! She is such a warm and opening acupuncturist. I first started seeing Shiloah last year for migraines that I was getting every day. I was nervous to start, but she really helped me relax and got to know me. By getting to know me she learned the stresses that were going on in my life and how she could help me in different ways.

She uses a mixture of acupuncture, cupping, and infrared heat to help different weaknesses in the body. My migraines are gone, and my back pain is fading away. Every week I actually look forward to going and getting my weekly dose of acupuncture (Acupuncture is something you can never get too much of. -Shiloah).

Shiloah saved my life, I was in a way becoming a different person because of frequent migraines. I feel like she has, in a way ‘cured’ my migraines.


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